Mac NVME SSD upgrades and Bootcamp

Mac NVME SSD upgrades and Bootcamp

Mac NVME SSD upgrades and Bootcamp

We are regularly contacted by customers wanting to upgrade their Macs*(see models below) to a larger NVME SSD, such as the OWC Aura, Fledging M13 or Flexx LX300 SSD, who have experienced Bootcamp compatibility problems and assumed that their new SSD is faulty. This is due to the hardware configuration of these Mac models and not the fault of the SSD.

Other customers wanted to upgrade their existing AHCI based machines SSD to a larger NVME SSD (which requires the machine operating system to be High Sierra or newer) but could not upgrade their operating system to High Sierra 10.13 for software legacy reasons.

Luckily, Transcend has developed a solution for both of these problems. The 820 and 850 series SSD is both Bootcamp compatible and the 820 and 825 series will work with older AHCI based machines that are unable to upgrade to High Sierra.

The Transcend 825 and 855 series version includes the SSD, plus an external enclosure so you can easily transfer, or mirror copy your old drive and then use it as an external SSD.

Transcend SSD`s are of exceptional quality and come with 5 years warranty.

If you have a computer you’d like to upgrade, we’d be happy to help. You can contact us here

*Affected models:

  • MacBookPro11,1 / MacBookAir6,1 / MacBookAir6,2 
  • iMac15,1 (Late 2014) iMac18,2  iMac18,3 iMac19,1  iMac19,2


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