MacBook Air 2012 SSD upgrade

MacBook Air 2012 SSD upgrade

Do you need to upgrade the SSD in your MacBook Air 2012**?

Even if your MacBook Air is on the, ahem…. older side, you can still replace or upgrade the SSD if it becomes faulty or if you just need a bit more room for your stuff.

Either way, we can help you find the right SSD without paying a fortune and avoid potentially costly mistakes.

The SSD in the MacBook Air 2012** has what’s known as a proprietary connector, which in simple terms just means, its non standard. To confuse things further, this is often described as SATA III or 6G (same thing, different name), but if you buy a standard SATA III/6G it will just not fit, no matter how much you wiggle it about! In fact might not even be the right shape.

Here’s a few examples of our SSD’s which will be perfect for your MacBookAir 2012**:   

Once you’ve narrowed it down to the correct type of SSD, all that’s left is to decide on what size you want and whether or not you need one with all the necessary screwdrivers included.

**This applies to the following models. If you are not sure exactly which model you have here’s a help article that will help you find out.

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