MacBook Pro Retina 13 and 15-inch Late 2013 - Mid 2014 SSD upgrade

MacBook Pro Retina 13 and 15-inch Late 2013 - Mid 2014 SSD upgrade

Do you need to upgrade the SSD in your MacBook Pro Retina, Late 2013 - Mid 2014?

Whether your current SSD is faulty or you just need a bit more space for your stuff, we can help you find the best SSD for your machine without paying a fortune.

When it comes to SSD’s, as with many things in life, generally the bigger and faster the technology the more expensive it is.

Higher-end, more expensive SSD’s utilising newer technology run at up to 3000MB/s, whilst the older more budget-friendly SSD’s run at up to 1800MB/s.

These are first MacBook pro`s upgradable by either Apple NVME SSD or 3rd party SSD with proprietary connector.

The MacBook Pro Late 2013 - Mid 2014 ** models internal wiring (aka PCIe 2.0 x2) limits the installed SSD’s speed to a max of 1200-1400MB/s, ever, no matter what, it’s just physics……….

Knowing this can save you a surprising amount of money, which you could choose to spend on a bigger SSD, so you can have more room for your stuff or treats for your dog/cat/self/significant other, it's totally up to you

It’s important to note that to be able to use the newer, speedier SSD’s like these, your MacBook Pro Late 2013 - Mid 2014 operating system needs to be updated to High Sierra or newer. The older versions of MacOS cannot support the newer technology these SSD’s use.

Here’s a few examples of our SSD’s which prove speed isn’t everything:


These SSD’s are also compatible with your MacBook Pro Late 2013 - Mid 2014, but you won’t get the benefit of the higher speeds.

Aura X2 SSD

Flexx LX300 SSD

**This applies to the following models. If you are not sure exactly which model you have here’s a help article that will help you find out.

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